Tachograph analysis and storage...

Your transport operating records must be kept in a format which can not be altered. In effect, that means electronically.

We use what is considered to be the most effective and professional programme - Siemens Tis-Web.

This is an internet based system which will give you managerial access via a unique number. For our part, we will upload your information, analyse it  and store it in a format you will be able to understand. 

Our costs are very straightforward with no hidden surprises.

You pay just £5 for the initial registration of each vehicle and each driver. ie, two lorries, two drivers, £20.

Then you will pay 30pence per upload. ie. If the driver drives five days per week, you will pay £1.50 per week per driver. You will then pay £5 per person per infringement report with a minimum of one report per month.You can have more frequent reports if you wish but will pay £5 per additional report.

If you are new to haulage or tachographs we offer on site training for drivers and managers.

That's it. Simple, effective, professional and compliant. Please call or email for further information.