Introduction to Transport Management

Remember when you took your driving test? You threw away your L plates, but if you look back can you honestly say that was the day you became a good driver?  Or was the day you passed your driving test the day you started to learn?

Passing your Transport Manager CPC will not be the day you become proficient in transport operations. Before you undertake your Transport Manager CPC course picture this. 

You arrive at Heathrow for your trip of a lifetime to the Bahamas. You meet the pilot who tells you he has just passed all his exams and today will be the first day at the controls. You are a somewhat nervous so to put you at ease he produces his brand new certificate of professional competence. 

Now imagine, you take your Transport Manager exams and pass with flying colours. Top of the class. And you receive your certificate of professional competence. Now take charge of fifty drivers. Sort out the route. Cost it all to two decimal points. Dont forget to sort the maintenance programme. Oh, and the fridges need certification. And what about the truck which has just been put off the road by a nice policeman who tells you that you are responsible. After all, it's your name on the certificate.

Up until now, you could only be given knowledge not experience. Like the day you passed your driving test perhaps? Well, now thanks to the Freight Transport Association with not a little help from the Traffic Commissioners, we can offer you a practical course introducing you to Transport Operations. It is a concentration of experience force feeding you with practical guidance of three intensive days which lays the foundations for you, so when you take the Transport Manager CPC you will hit the floor running and will have a good understanding of how to put the theory into practice. A bit like being trained to drive a car off road before being scared stiff on a public road. 

A Godsend for recruits new to the industry and equally valid for current or returning managers who have lost their way with ever changing regulations and technology.  Perhaps even a little like being a co-pilot. Watching what happens before you take control.

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